Professional Paint Roller Covers

Professional Paint Roller Covers

Description 1.PREMIUM MICROFIBER PAINT ROLLERS: Add some color to your space with True Blue Premium Microfiber Paint Roller Covers. Our premium microfiber paint roller covers are perfect for painting all types of surfaces; just pick the nap length appropriate for your use. Our microfiber roller covers pick up and release 3x more paint than a standard roller cover allowing you to paint faster and deliver excellent coverage and a smooth finish in one coat. 2.PAINT LIKE A PRO: With True Blue Premium Microfiber Paint Roller Covers you will feel like a pro delivering a professional result on every project. Our microfiber roller covers are designed to provide maximum pick up and release and increase the speed of your paint project. Our premium microfiber paint roller covers are shed resistant and lint free and deliver excellent coverage in one coat and a smooth clean finish every time.

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Professional Paint Roller Covers

  • ✔ WORKS WITH ALL PAINTS: No matter what type of paint you are using, our premium microfiber paint roller cover will work for you. Our premium microfiber paint roller covers are tested for use with latex paints and stains, oil-based products, and even epoxies. Our microfiber blend is designed for high-capacity & smooth consistent paint release on every use.

  • ✔ AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT NAP LENGTHS: True Blue Premium Microfiber Roller Covers have you covered regardless of the surface you need to paint. Our premium microfiber roller covers are available in both ½ inch and ⅜ inch nap length. Our ½ inch nap length works best on semi-rough surfaces like textured walls & ceilings, while the ⅜ inch nap is better suited smooth and semi smooth wall and ceiling surfaces

  • ✔ FOR PAINTER’S BY PAINTER’S: True Blue Premium Microfiber Paint Rollers was started by two painting contractors who needed high quality rollers that could be used in everything from commercial applications to multi-million dollar custom homes. After years of field testing, and trial and error- we got it right. Our professional paint crews still use True Blue on every job, every day and now our products are available to you!

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With our enthusiasm and efficient service, everything meets the needs of your custom designed products to achieve a win-win situation.

We offer you the best quality service below:

1. Focus on custom projects with a minimum order quantity.

2. Provide reasonable and competitive prices to maximize your benefits.

3. You can designate third-party professionals to participate in quality control and inspection.

4. Provide safe, flexible and convenient trading and logistics services.

5. After-sales: 24-hour online installation instruction and product maintenance;


Q: are you a factory or a trading company?

A: we are A factory.

Q: what about your quality?

A: we have a very careful control system (ISO 9001 and SGS product quality control) and 100% QC inspection before shipment.

Q: what should we do if your product doesn't work?

A: please don't worry that we'll be around to solve the problem.

Give us a detailed report.Analyze the reasons.Try to find a solution to the problem.

If this is our problem and it can't be solved will it be replaced?

Q: if we need technical support, can you provide it to us?

A: yes, we have an experienced team of product managers, engineers and technicians to provide additional benefits and specific advice to our customers.

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