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Scope Of Application Of Paint Tools
- Oct 17, 2018 -

1. Coatings: This is a very professional coating, suitable for low thickness, but provides a high degree of protection. These coatings are used for internal and external coating of food and beverage cans. Any internal coating has been approved for use on the surface of food decorative boxes.

2. Plastic coatings: special coatings designed for use on plastic substrates such as automotive bumpers, dashboards and grilles, plastic toys and electronic products.

3. Coil Coatings: Coatings are suitable for sheets of metal - usually starting with large steel coils and reprocessing them into a wide range of uses, such as household appliances, such as washing machines, automotive parts and composite panels prestigious buildings.

4. General Industry: Coatings used for covering a wide range of applications, steel, iron, aluminum, as well as glass, plastics and wood. These coatings, including air-drying and baking coatings, will include a wide range of coatings used, such as nuts and bolts, office furniture, toolboxes, transformers, power plants, transport containers and agricultural and construction equipment. Definitions and lists of terms, such as coils and high performance coatings, will be included.

5. High performance: These are also used as protective coatings and coatings for steel structures, such as bridges, oil and gas drilling platforms, such as stadiums, warehouses and chemical plant structures. These coatings are designed with high corrosion resistance and good cosmetic appearance. These coatings resist poor weather, corrosive gases and chemicals, and they will provide durability structures. Coatings in this industry will be available through specifications and standards to meet a wide range of needs. Their long-term performance is also important for preparing substrates and good application practices.

6. Ocean: these coatings are applicable to ships and ships, tankers, cruise ships, tugboats and yachts of all sizes. Coatings are coated above the waterline and minimize the use of antifouling coatings at sea for scaling and reducing ship towing. All antifouling paints. The paint covers the professional builders used, as well as the yacht terminals and shipyards used by amateurs.

7. wood coatings: terminology used to cover the coatings used for industrial wood coatings. These applications range from factory timber to office furniture, kitchen and bathroom accessories, general furniture and industrial cabinetwork paint. These different "wooden saucer" paints, it is DIY paint, such as wood varnish and paint fencing and decoration.

8. Fire and intumescent coatings: These are two completely different coatings. Fire retardant coatings refer to those that limit the spread of flame and have flame retardant properties. These are generally applicable to upper wood and are used to comply with building regulations. It is suitable for the reaction of intumescent fire retardant coating on steel structure in fire to form impermeable layer to protect steel and maintain its structural integrity. Coatings in these categories meet specific test requirements and conduct certification on their performance.