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Pure Bristle Paint Brush Market Prospects
- Jan 31, 2019 -

Market prospects

Since the raw materials of pig bristles cannot be artificially synthesized, it is a natural product that cannot be replaced by humans. The natural pork cricket market is thus prosperous and has become a unique product in the seller's market. At present, the total demand for pig bristle in the world is about 650,000 TEU, and the total output is only 250,000 TEU, which is a big gap. China's piglet production accounts for more than 95% of the world's total production.

Important strategic materials

The main use of piglets is to make brushes. In addition to the production of toothbrushes, clothes brushes, brushes, and other domestic brushes, three inches or more of long gongs are generally used to make industrial brushes. In the military industry during the war, paints were used to paint warships, planes, and various military vehicles to clear the machine guns, the barrels and barrels of the cannons, and even the same. In the world, only China's piglets have large output and high quality. The world's supply is about 6,000 tons per year. Before the war, China accounted for more than 75%. If all the participating countries want to paint their weapons, and not let those weapons expose the front line of the steel body, then we must use Chinese piglets.