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Paint Brushing: Some Basic Knowledge
- Dec 10, 2018 -

Paint brushes, with the continuous development of society, their use has become more and more widely. If you want to buy and use paint brushes, the following common knowledge is essential.


Wool brush, bristle brush, elastic silk brush, drum brush, bristle brush*

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Paint brush has plastic handle and wood handle*plastic handle*is an injection moulding process.Wood handle can be divided into log-colored wood handle and oil-coated wood handle.Paint brush has bristle,wool,nylon bristle,etc.The auxiliary materials for making brush are horse-mouth iron,nails and glue.

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Paint brushes are mainly used for painting, paint and glue. They are widely used in home decoration, shipbuilding, aerospace, food and archaeology.

Above is some essential common sense of paint brush, hope to help you understand.