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Paint Brushes Without Hair Loss Are The Favorite Of Workers.
- Dec 10, 2018 -

I believe that friends who love to observe life will know such a thing, the use of paint brushes is increasing, but there is a phenomenon that many friends can not understand, that is, when workers use paint brushes, they choose not to shed hair, what is the reason?

Some workers use paint brushes with poor quality and love to shed hair. When they use such brushes to paint, they often hang the brush hair on the surface of the paint. After the paint film is formed, they leave it on the paint, which has a great influence on the effect of the paint. Therefore, paint brushes of better quality should be used whenever possible. If it's a new brush, you should also pay attention to the easy-to-fall hair on the brush, or use a lighter to prick the floating hair.

Believe that through the above analysis, you should be able to understand why to choose non-hair brush bar, only know more about this knowledge, in order to better choose and use paint brushes.