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Industrial Brushes
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Used in industrial production, the main role is dust, polishing, cleaning, grinding.

According to the industry can be divided into: metal industry; pickling alkali wash brush, polishing brush.

Food and beverage industry: all kinds of cutting machine brush, mushroom cleaning machine brush, hair to the miscellaneous brush, wash fruit machine brush.

Textile Printing and dyeing industry: all kinds of stereotypes machine brush wheel, needle plate, chain, cloth clip, hair dryer brush, grinding machine brush, brush hair machine brush, combing machine brush, spinning machine brush leather.

Footwear Industry: Grinding machine brush, meat machine brush, polishing brush, (wool wheel, cloth wheel, horse hair wheel, bristle wheel).

Woodworking Furniture Industry: sanding Machine brush, polishing cloth wheel, brown brush.

Environmental protection industry: all kinds of road sweeper brush, washing machine brush. Glass Industry: Cleaning Machine bristle brush, edging machine brush.

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