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Industrial Brush Application
- Mar 14, 2019 -

1. Textile industry: The product has a setting machine brush wheel, a sanding machine brush, a brushing machine brush, a combing machine brush, a brown brush, a spinning machine brush, a microdermabrasion brush, and a polishing cloth wheel. The brush roller for the singeing machine is made of bristle or nylon, and the roller shaft is made of 45# round steel + injection molding. The gray fabric of the textile has a lot of extra fur, and the purpose of the singeing roller is to use these extra furry. Brush out, there is an open flame under the brush roller to burn off the fur; the framing machine opener roll, the framing roll is made of 45# round steel roller, nylon and other materials, from the middle to the sides The hair is planted in a slanting manner, and the brush roller is fed into the roll. The effect of the slanting of the herringbone is to brush the cloth to the two sides to make it straight; the needle plate is pressed by the brush wheel, the middle is the injection molded body, and the bristles are mostly piglets, and the purpose is to pass the cloth edge. The pressure of the bristles is pressed onto the needle plate of the machine.

2, ceramic industry: glaze brush, the middle is a strong sandalwood core, planted white or black plastic brush wire, used for surface glazing of ceramic tiles and other ceramic products.

3, leather and footwear industry: leather and upper polishing, waxing, oiling, generally with a small cloth wheel, horse hair, sisal and other brush wheel.

4. Glass industry: The products include washing machine brush roller, edging machine brush, PP, PU, PVC, PVA absorbent sponge roller. Glass washer brush roller, roller shaft is 45# round steel, bristles are nylon material, if you need to add acid cleaning glass cleaning line, you must use all stainless steel brush roller to prevent corrosion, generally made with strip brush machine The brush is spirally welded on the roller shaft; the suction roller is made of sponge with high density of hydrophilic molecules, has good water absorption performance and fast drying, and is used for comprehensively and quickly drying the water droplets on the glass surface.