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How To Choose Paint Brush
- Nov 15, 2018 -

The paint brush is suitable for small areas or difficult to be painted areas and is not easy to splash paint with brush. High-quality paint brushes have a large amount of dipping paint, can release paint evenly, so that the surface is smooth, not different thickness, and it is not easy to leave brush lines and brush bristles on the surface of the brush and durable advantages. So, how to choose high-quality paint brush?

Methods / steps

1, the bristles end has bifurcations, which can be dipped in large amount of paint, and the paint can be released more evenly (making the film smooth and uniform).

2. The tapered bristle with thick and thin roots can make the paint brush release slower and more uniform, and its overall taper makes it particularly convenient for painting straight lines and tangent areas.

3. The brush made of elastic mane can keep its overall shape.

4, bristles in the middle length of the short brush on both sides of the brush edge and corner position is easier to use.

5, the length of the mane should be 50% longer than that of the brush. The mane is longer to dip in and paint the paint better. It is easier to paint corners or trim sides.

6. Use plugs and epoxy adhesives to fix the bristle firmly on the handle so that it will not be pulled out when brushing, so that the bristle will not be adhered to the paint film.

7. A good and balanced hardwood handle will make the brush more useful, and the wood handle is more comfortable than the plastic handle; the hardwood handle is stronger and moistureproof than the cork handle.