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How Long Will The Paint Dry
- Feb 22, 2019 -

  • How long will the paint dry?

How long the paint will dry is uncertain.


Paint is completely dry curing, its time is subject to the type of paint, dry conditions, paint thickness and other factors.

Model classification:

(1) one component

(2) two components

For example:

(1) if forced drying, such as oven baking or infrared lamp baking, the higher the temperature, the shorter the time.

(2) if the high temperature curing paint under normal temperature state is unable to cure to achieve its expected performance.

(3) if the two-component paint is not executed in accordance with the specified proportion, no matter how long it takes, it cannot be completely cured.

(4) please refer to the paint product technical specification for details, and you can find the paint supplier.

Methods to determine whether the paint is cured:

(1) table dry: the falling fiber dust on the paint surface can be blown off or gently touched by fingers will not leave fingerprints and table dry.

(2) drying: when the paint film is not obviously indentation by pressing with nails, it is completely dry.