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Green Of Drum Brush Painting Process
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Paint is being strengthened by more and more consumers as an element of life style. After the concept of "green paint" was clearly put forward in the consumer market, the "green" of painting process has also been put on the daily life.

Compared with mechanical spraying, drum brushing has the following advantages: 1) drum brushing has a larger area and is suitable for rolling on the surface of objects with smaller indoor surface area, while mechanical spraying has a large area of contamination, so it is not suitable for objects with smaller indoor surface area, so manual brushing method is mostly used. 2. The artistic painting effect of pattern drum is more and more favored by consumers, while mechanical spraying only strives to achieve fast painting effect and large area. 3. In the aspect of exquisite technology, mechanical spraying is far inferior to drum brushing. The drum brushing developed by Beigao people devotes themselves to the smooth, delicate and pattern of the wall. 4. The high price of mechanical spraying and the low price of drum brushes are one of the main reasons why many consumers choose drum brushes. 5. In terms of safety precautions, there are basically no hidden dangers in the drum brush, and the safety of mechanical things has always been a distress confusing developers and consumers.

Brushing defects of brushes and preventive measures of drum brushes: 1). Leakage phenomenon: Leakage brushes mostly occur on three-dimensional walls and the upper and lower ends of seam pressing strips. The main reason is that paint workers do not cooperate well with brushes, so they often install doors and fans without brushing paint, and paint workers can not brush at all afterwards. Other leakage brush problems are mainly caused by the operator's carelessness. 2) Anti-rust phenomenon: usually occurs in steel doors and windows and metal surface and other projects, the main reasons are as follows: first, the products are painted with anti-rust paint before they leave the factory because they are not serious about rust removal; second, the anti-rust paint is broken because of poor transportation and storage; third, the steel doors and windows or metal surface are not carefully inspected before installation, and no rust removal is done. Paint and brush anti-rust paint work. 3. Falling phenomenon: There are two main reasons: First, because the paint is too thin, the paint film is too thick or the ambient temperature is high, the dryness of the paint is slow and other reasons, easy to cause falling. Second, due to improper operation sequence and techniques, especially in the edge color separation of doors and windows, once the oil volume is large and the operation is not paid attention to, it is often easy to cause falling. 4. Brush lines are obvious, mainly due to the small brush or the unbubbling of the brush, and the hard hair of the brush. Apply a suitable brush and soak the brush with a thin material to soften it. 5. Wrinkle phenomenon: mainly due to poor lacquer quality, uneven blending, rapid volatilization of solvents or high temperature, adding drier and other reasons.

Methods of treatment:

1. Clean up the surrounding environment before brushing, prevent dust from flying, and affect the quality of paint.

2. After every painting brush, we should prevent the adhesion of paint from affecting the quality and beauty.

3. Immediately after brushing, clean the paint dripping on the ground and contaminated walls and hardware.

4. After the completion of the paint and paint project, special persons shall be assigned to take charge of the supervision and management, and no touching shall be allowed.