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Different Types Of Brushes
- Jan 15, 2019 -

Civil brush            

The main brushes used in daily life are kitchen brush, bath brush, shoe brush, toothbrush, pot brush, laundry brush, cap brush, bathtub brush, milk bottle brush, glass cleaning brush, test tube brush, pet brush, massage brush, barbecue oven brush, bath brush, stainless steel sanitary brush, toilet brush, sponge window brush, shoe brush, clothes brush, roller brush, wall brush, paint brush, car brush, snow brush, etc.            

Industrial brush

Used in industrial production, the main role is dust control, polishing, cleaning, grinding.            

brush roller            

According to the industry can be divided into: metal industry; pickling alkali cleaning brush, polishing brush.            Food and beverage industry: various vegetable cutter brushes, mushroom washer brushes, hair removal brushes, Fruit Washer brushes.            

Textile printing and dyeing industry: brush wheel, needle board, chain, cloth clip, hair burner brush, hair grinder brush, hair brush, comber brush, spinning machine brush leather.            

Footwear industry: leather grinder brush, meat grinder brush, polishing brush, (wool wheel, cloth wheel, horse hair wheel, bristle wheel).            

Woodworking private business: sander brush, polishing cloth wheel, brown brush.            

Environmental protection industry: all kinds of road sweeper brushes and floor washer brushes.            

Glass industry: cleaning machine brush, edge grinder brush.            

PCB, Electronics: PP, PU, PVC, PVA sponge roller, non-woven brush roller, golden finger grinding wheel, felt