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Advantages And Properties Of Various Animal Brushes
- Oct 22, 2018 -

Tongcheng Dafuhao Brushing Co., Ltd. has adopted high quality animal hair as brushing material in industrial brushing. The following is to introduce the characteristics and performance of animal hair for our customers.

Goat hair: good touch, elastic and durable. It is easy to color and powder. It is suitable for painting, blush brush, high gloss brush and eye shadow brush. According to the difference between male and female and growth parts, the characteristics of hair are also different.

Coarse light peak: capillary long and soft. It can be used for painting, loose powder brush, blush brush, high gloss brush and eye shadow brush.

Thin light peak: softer and finer than coarse light peak. The price is high and rare.

Huang Jianfeng: take it on the back of sheep. Short and thin, good texture and elasticity, good hair color, used for blush brush.

Weasel hair: its hair is thin and elastic, and its durability is high. It can be used for powder and liquid powder. It can be used for lip brush, eyeliner brush, eye shadow brush and so on.

Huang Youmao: long and thin, soft and expensive.

Grey squirrel hair: it is very thin and soft, with excellent touch. For fixing. Painting, blush brush. It can be mixed with goat hair.

Tree squirrel fur: similar to the weasel. But it is relatively thick and elastic. It can be used with eye shadow brush and liquid paint.

Canadian squirrel hair: fine aggregate. More flexible. It is shorter than gray squirrel hair and can be applied to high gloss brush for eye shadow. Highly expensive and sparsely populated, highly respected by professionals.

Squirrel hair: soft and slender, but less cohesive. Most suitable for eye shadow brush.

Jade hair: cat hair. Short, soft and durable. But the price is high and sparsely used, mostly for eye shadow brush.

Water raccoon hair: rough, round and elastic, with fine tips. Most suitable for eyebrow brushes.

Horse hair: relatively poor texture. But the resource is much cheaper, which is the most common material for cosmetic brushes. Good elasticity and high durability. It can be mixed with other animal hair. For blush brush and eye shadow brush.

Synthetic fiber: when used for painting, it has good hair color and thin powder, but it is not easy to stick powder. It is mostly used for liquid rendering. Mixed use with animal hair is more effective.

S100 series Zhu shaft (red handle)

Bai Fengtang's flag ship (logo product), S100 series. It contains basic brush types, and has rich specifications. Brush holder is Japanese traditional color red. The rear part is slightly thickened for handy use. Gold plating at the end is made of 24 K gold and transparent film.

S100 series black shaft (black handle)

S100 series black handle. The basic type straight handle is suitable for any person's shape. The hair ends are all the same as the red handle.

S200 series

Hair quality is more elastic and longer than control. A series of cosmetic brushes suitable for concealer and powder cream are concentrated.

K series

The basic brush types are easy to use. From shape to wool quality considerations constitute a more comprehensive. Extensive support from beginners to professional users.

G series

It marks the future development of cosmetic brush G series. The brush made of gray squirrel hair and goat hair can be used for liquid foundation and so on. It is a cosmetic brush with more new possibilities.

Ebony series

Steady and extraordinary temperament. Gray squirrel hair and goat hair mixed with polyester fibers, and the shape of the hair ends is quite powerful. Brush handle is a deep ebony. (not good, not the color is deep, it means more and more flavour).

Basic series

The basic type pen is easy to use. You can choose different types of brush handles.

Traditional cosmetic pen

Japanese traditional cosmetic brushes, brush. Bai Fengtang's unique technology conveys so far.

Mushroom pen fan pen

Round and lovely mushroom type cosmetic brush. Rich hair and close contact with skin surface make makeup more durable.

Small size, but suitable for fixing makeup and loose powder fan brush. Both are very popular makeup brushes.


Suitable for outgoing use. Lightweight and functional, you can also get high quality sense of use outside.

Portable lip brush

It includes pen sleeve type and rotary soft type. Easy to carry and use.