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What industries are industrial brushes used in
- Dec 06, 2018 -

There are many kinds and specifications of industrial brushes, which have a wide range of applications. It can be said that in modern industrial production, almost all walks of life will use this brush - this auxiliary tool, the following according to the use of various industrial sectors, a brief list of the application scope of brushes.

First, hardware, building materials industry. In fact, brushes belong to the hardware tool industry, so its use in this industry is self-evident. Specifically, brushes used in the hardware and building materials industry include iron brushes, pipe brushes, nylon polishing brushes, polishing brushes for other materials, rolling brushes, steel wire brushes, spring brushes, brick brushes, color ceramic tile brushes, brick burner brushes, etc. In some cases, grinding line brush rollers containing silicon carbide or alumina are used to deburr and grind the surface of castings or inverted dies.

Secondly, glass manufacturing industry. This is one of the industries in which industrial brushes are widely used. Industrial brush products used in glass manufacturing industry include cleaning brush rollers, side brushes, PP, PU, PVC, PVA sponge rollers. The brush rollers of glass cleaning machines are usually 45 # round steel rollers, nylon brushes and other glass cleaning lines that need acid cleaning. All stainless steel brush rollers must be used to prevent corrosion. Generally, the brush rollers are spirally welded on the rollers. The water absorbing rollers are made of high density hydrophilic molecules, which have good water absorption performance, fast drying speed and are used. Water droplets on the surface of rapidly and thoroughly dried glass.

Third, textile processing industry. It can be said that textile processing industry has been a large number of industrial brushes. Brush products used in this industry include stencil machine brush wheel, toothbrush machine, brush brush, comb brush, brown brush, rotary brush, microcrystalline brush and polishing cloth wheel.

Fourth, ceramic processing industry. It is mainly used for glaze brushes. Generally, solid wood cores are used as intermediate materials. White or black plastic brush wires are planted around them. Glaze brushes are generally used for glaze operation on ceramic surface such as ceramic tiles. There are other types of polishing brushes.

Fifth, leather shoemaking industry. Brushes are usually used to polish, wax and polish shoes, while the usual products are small cloth wheel, horse hair, sisal and other brushing wheels.

Sixth, steel tile manufacturing. It requires a brush to remove rust on the surface of the steel plate, so it needs nylon with high hair hardness.

Seventh, the cigarette processing industry. The brush roll made of nylon brush is used for sweeping tobacco sheets into thin layers and flowing into the production line for drying.

Better prospects still depend on finding their own market value. The source of brushing industry is developing, looking for new market opportunities and gaining more new development status.