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What are the common problems in painting
- Dec 10, 2018 -

In home decoration, I believe everyone can see a worker brushing paint there, paint is an important part of interior decoration, prone to some difficult problems, people are helpless. So what kind of problems are easy to appear in paints? Solving these problems will surely make you more comfortable in interior decoration.

First, paint bubbles.

First, the bubbles are punctured. If water comes out, it means that there is moisture infiltration under or behind the paint layer. When the water evaporates into vapor after sunshine, the top of the paint will be bubbled. At this point, the hot air spray gun removes the foaming paint, lets the wood dry naturally, then brushes the primer, and finally repaints the entire repair surface.

If there is no water in the bubbles, it may be wood grain cracking, with a small amount of air inside. Once the sun shines, the air expands and the paint bulges up. Faced with this situation, first scrape off the foaming paint, then fill the cracks with resin filler, re-paint, or no filler, after scraping off the paint, directly coat with micro-porous paint.

Two. Crack.

In most cases, chemical paint remover or hot air spray gun should be used to remove the paint and then re-paint. If the fracture range is not large, then use sand block or wet sandpaper to dip in water, grind the broken paint, after polishing smooth surface, put putty on, brush primer, and re-paint.

Three. Paint spalling

Maybe the surface is too smooth. If the original paint is glossy or powdery (with untreated paste paint), the new paint will not stick well on the surface. It may be wood decay or metal rust spots, or peeling due to poor paint quality.

Small areas of paint peeling, you can first use fine sandpaper polishing, then put on putty, brush primer, and then re-paint. A large area of peeling must be scraped off and re-painted.

In short, when using paint brushes and brushes, the above knowledge will be used well, I believe that good results will be achieved.