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Paint brush daily protection
- Jan 21, 2019 -

1. Painted and dried furniture should not be placed in the window or door of the sun, so as to avoid long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, resulting in cracking and pulverizing of the paint surface.

2, painted furniture, it is strictly prohibited to cover with plastic cloth or newspaper for a long time. In order to prevent the paint film from sticking and losing luster.

3, the furniture is stained with dirt, wipe with a small amount of washing powder or detergent, then wipe with clean water, rag.

4, furniture should avoid the use of sharp weapons, and do not use other hard things to collide.

5, boiling water cups, hot rice cookers are best not to directly contact the painted surface, the application of padding, so as not to burn the paint film.

6, the paint film damage of the furniture, should be replenished in time. In order to prevent the wood from expanding, causing foaming and peeling.