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Manual electric drill brush brush electric drill cleaning brush color electric drill cleaning brush
- Feb 28, 2019 -

The brush has a wide range of applications, such as car and truck tire cleaning;Floor tile, marble cleaning;Various types of mechanical cleaning,

Carpets, floors, and steamers have difficulty in cleaning every nook and cranny;Polishing, etc.;Lathe machine tool central air conditioning internal cleaning;

Series: 2 ", 3.5 ", 4 ", 5 "(solid or hollow) head brush.

Drill cleaning brush

Brush silk: high quality PP curve silk, wire diameter and thickness 0.2 (white silk) -- 0.35 -- 0.4mm, brush silk color matching according to demand, the ball head brush ball head position is usually black or white hair.

Chassis: glass fiber reinforced PP.Drill cleaning brush

* packing instructions: for normal batch shipment, transparent ziplock bags should be packaged and then packed into cartons (size 530*430*370 or 550*550*500 or 1000*360*360).

With the three-piece set as the benchmark, the OPP transparent self-sealing bag is packed with 100 sets per box.Additional inner box packing is required (1.2-1.5 yuan/set, 3-piece set, on the basis of the original price)

Size of inner box: 140*130*120/4 PCS; size of inner box: 175*130*120); quantity of each box: 64 sets (3 sets) or 48 sets (4 sets).Electric drill brush

Manual electric drill brush