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Maintenance and Maintenance of Electric Drill
- Jan 11, 2019 -

Maintenance and Maintenance of Electric Drill 

1. Tools must be used in accordance with GB3787-83 Handheld Electric Tools Management, Use, Inspection and Maintenance Safety Technical Regulations.            

2. Keeping the work site clean, well-lit and disorderly working environment may cause accidents.            

3. Don't put electric tools in rainy days, and don't use electric tools in damp places.            

4. Don't drag the cable far from the socket. Don't pull the cable close to the stove oil and sharp objects.            

5. Keep the motor clean and lubricating oil should be replaced carefully.            

6. The surface of the commutator should be kept clean and clean, and dirt should be removed at any time.  


7. When the brush is worn out and cannot be used, it should be changed in time. Otherwise, it will cause bad contact between the brush and the commutator, causing ring fire and even burning armature.            

8. The ventilation duct of the motor should be kept clean and unblocked to prevent rubbish from entering and damaging parts.            

9. Pull out the plug when not in use.