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Industrial Brush
- Mar 14, 2019 -

The most traditional brushing process, after the surface of the brush roller or the brush plate is punched, the hair brush product is made by using the horse nailing machine to implant the bristles into the brush roller or the brush plate in a bundle. The application is the most extensive. First, the cost is low, and the brush is a consumable item. The cost must be considered. However, the brush roller made of horse nails has several disadvantages: First, the density is not enough, because there must be a certain spacing between each hole of the punching hair, and there is a gap to be able to plant a high density effect, in some special The industry requires high-density brush roller to work with this type of brush roller for hairdressing. Second, the bonding strength of the brush wire is not fast enough. The so-called horse nailing method is to use a wire to be pressed into a "U" through a convex groove. "The buckle is used to hold the brush wire and then implanted into the punched hole. The "U" type buckle is inserted into the hole and then stuck deep into the hole, so that the brush wire is bonded to the roller shaft, but the pulling force is limited. This process is not ideal if it is used in some special industries where high speeds are required for the brush roll.