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How to use the paint brush?
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Paint brush, which is used by many people, is a tool. Paint brush is indispensable to get paint on the wall. How to use the paint brush? How to clean and maintain the paint brush?

How to use the paint brush:

1. Wet the new brush.

Before using the new brush, the brush should be wetted in clean water so that the hair of the brush can fully absorb water. The soaking time is 10-15 minutes. If you want to use the brush better, you can pour some detergent into the clear water.

2. The length of the dipped paint is 1/3 of the brush.

When painting the brush, pay attention to the length of the brush dipped in the paint. General paint can be placed on the 1/3 of the brush. After painting, gently brush the corners of the brush to ensure that the paint will not drip.

3, keep brushes and construction objects at 45 degrees.

If it is wall or furniture, when painting, brush and construction object should form a 45 degree angle; if it is ceiling, the angle of brush and ceiling should be 90 degrees. In addition, if the wood is brushed, it should be painted along the wood texture.

4. Brush the paint and pay attention to it.

Generally, the paint should be brushed back in the process of painting, in order to make the film look better; if it is half-gloss or varnish, it is not appropriate to brush back.