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Hole cleaning brush
- Mar 14, 2019 -

What is a clear hole brush

Designed for cleaning precision instruments and CNC lathes small aperture brush products called clear hole brush. With a number of neatly arranged, outward extension of the fine brush wire composition.Brush silk material has nylon silk, fiber wool, bristle, steel wire, copper wire, abrasive silk.

Structure of folding clear hole brush

The hole cleaning brush is made of two different types of twisted iron wire. The long round shape, the front is divided into the wool section, the back section is the operation handle. The wool material is wool, nylon wire, steel wire, copper wire.For those with special needs, install screws and hollow rods in the rear part.

Fold and edit the features of the cleaning brush

Type of folding hole cleaning brush

Clear hole brush according to hole wall requirements. Available in soft wool and hard wire.

Main purpose of folding hole cleaning brush

The cleaning brush is mainly used for cleaning small aperture. It is convenient to use and clean up is its biggest advantage.When the heavy workpiece is processed, it can be stuck on the air drill and electric drill.Depending on the size of the workpiece, the speed can be selected within 50-100 RPM.Up and down moving speed about 30/ min, generally up and down moving 8~10 reciprocating.Deburring and polishing tool brushes should be rotated or moved around the machined part.It is best to use light lubricants instead of solvents during processing.

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