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galvanized steel chalk paint brush variety
- Jan 23, 2019 -

Commonly used paint brushes on the market are: 1 inch (25mm), 2 inch (50mm), 3 inch (75mm), 4 inch (100mm), 5 inch (125mm). In the process of use, the 5-inch paint brush is less used. Generally, the 3-inch and 4-inch paint brushes are used. The 1-inch paint brush mainly deals with the paint in the general corner.

Brushes are often used in home furnishings. Paint brushes are industrial brushes, so there are many different types of brushes in different industries, such as polishing brushes, washing machine brushes, meat remover brushes and so on. anyway. The main role of the paint brush, I think everyone should understand, Xiaobian does not say much, or put the theme on the paint brush manufacturers! If you choose a paint brush, you have to look at the paint brush manufacturers, so that you can take advantage of the price. I hope the following paint brush manufacturers can provide you with reference!

Paint Brush Manufacturer/Specification No matter what brush, it will be used in our daily life. After daily use, the cleaning method also needs attention. In the general market, the smallest size paint brush is one inch. The maximum size is five-inch brush. The brush has two kinds of wool and pig hair. Of course, there are some other paint brush manufacturers. Paint brushes for making other filaments are also produced. And the price is not the same, if you need to buy a large number of paint brushes, you can go to the local paint brush manufacturers to choose! And the quality is reliable and the variety is complete.