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Characteristics and uses of paint tools
- Oct 17, 2018 -

Pig brush 

With pig hair as the main raw material, it is made of resin adhesive, and the brush of the handle is collectively referred to as * pig brush. * the advantages of pig brush are good elasticity and not easy to lose hair. Suitable for high concentration paint or thick glue. Such as: blending paint, base paint, white latex.

Wool brush

Wool brushes are collectively referred to as wool brushes, glued together with handles. The advantage of wool brush is capillary, and it is not easy to leave brush lines on the surface of the brush, so it is suitable for the construction with higher requirements for the smoothness of the brush surface. For example, furniture paint or wall paint. The disadvantage is easy to lose hair.

Roller brush

Also known as the roller is wrapped in a piece of flannelette on a pipe, plus a reinforced steel bent support. It is suitable for large area coating roll coating. Is labor-saving, time-saving brushing tools, especially after connecting with the extension rod, can easily paint wall height or ceiling, but the disadvantage is easy to produce paint splashing situation.


It is basically a brush brush instead of a brush.

Putty knife

Putty knife is made of steel sheet and handle. The handle is divided into wooden handle, plastic handle, iron handle and all plastic putty knife, shaped like a triangle.


This product was born in the 1990s, with plastic clip steel sheet, wide area, good mechanical performance, make up for some shortcomings of the ash knife. There are also some scrapers that are all plastic. They are often used for stickers, mostly in trapezium.