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Secrets to Using and Preserving Paint Brushes and Rollers
- Oct 29, 2018 -

Clean brushes with a golf club brush

An old golf club brush is perfect for scrubbing off that crusty coat that builds up on paintbrushes. The plastic bristles scour away most of the crust without harming the brush. The brass bristles will take care of the stubborn spots.

Wash out most of the paint first

To ensure you get a lifetime of use out of your synthetic paintbrushes, clean each one immediately after using it, before the paint has a chance to dry. Wipe the brush on newspaper to remove excess paint. Then stick the brush into a bucket of warm water and move it around to remove as much paint as possible.

Don’t let bristles touch the jar bottom

Soak oil brushes in cleaning solvent without bending the bristles and ruining the brush! Clip a medium or large binder clip around the handle of a brush and spread the arms to span a cleaning container so the brush bristles don’t touch the bottom.

Hang brushes on a rod or wire

Hang your paintbrushes out of harm’s way by installing a couple of screw eyes or cup hooks on the bottom of a couple of rafters or floor joists. Then thread the brush handles through a stiff wire (or welding rod) and hang it all up.