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Boar Bristle Paint Brush Raw Material
- Jan 31, 2019 -

Processed from raw materials into wool or mixed piglets

Sort the pig hair by coat color, and remove the belly hair, tail hair, moldy hair and debris; then ferment the selected pig hair in warm water at 45 °C - 60 °C for 24 hours to make the pork meat The oil is completely softened; then the fermented piglets are removed from the water, and the skin is loosened with wooden boards to completely separate the loose pigs from the sticky piglets. The loose pig hair is washed with water, and then the iron comb is used to process the fluff and dander. After combing and washing, and washing with water several times; put the washed piglets on a bamboo sieve, put them on a stove to dry or put them in the sun to dry, and the dried piglets become a "hair shop". Can be sold.

Made of semi-finished products

The pig's bristle is tied with a rope on a small wooden board, and steamed in a pot for 0.5-1 hour to straighten the strand and increase the gloss, remove the flaws, and achieve the purpose of disinfection.