Brush Set Bathroom Drill

Brush Set Bathroom Drill

Description Bristles made from durable nylon to scrub strong and last long. Medium stiffness nylon bristle cordless drill powered cleaning and scrubbing brush. Works great on Tile & Grout, baseboards, carpet, upholstery and general purpose scrubbing. Convenient to use. Durable in use.

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Brush Set Bathroom Drill


1. This kit contains medium stiffness nylon power brush and can be connected to your favorite cordless drill. 
2. Three different sizes and shapes of brushes are used to clean bathroom surfaces. 
3. These nylon brushes are not scratched. They can be used in bathtubs, flume, skirting boards, fiberglass shower rooms, shower door tracks and porcelain. 
4. All 3 brushes have 1/4 inches to change the shaft quickly. Cordless drill does not include drills. 

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